Something Old, Something New...

This weekend I was out and about looking for nothing in particular, only a few good deals. So I headed out in search of the perfect price points. I ended up at the Galleria Mall in North Dallas, now this is typically not the place to go search for the perfect deal unless you have the right amount of will power and a strict list of stores that you plan to pop in. So, I mustered up as much will power as I could and walked straight through Nordstroms and headed to Forever21.

While browsing through the super trendy store full of teenie boppers and their mothers, I noticed a few items that would fit into my existing wardrobe, but ended up passing them by. Then I spotted this super cute color blocked sleevless sweater. I don't know what is was about this little number, but I HAD to have it. The little snap shot doesn't do it much justice being that it's a little wrinkled due to the way the sales girl tossed it in the bag - geeze. While Forever21 is on trend with the color block, I have to give them credit for the muted color choice. This sweater is perfect and the fabric is great. It would be casually cute paired with jeans or even dressed up undered a blazer or slacks.  For only $19, this was a major score.

After holding on tightly to my new sweater (not yet mine, but bound to be), I headed over to the jewelry. I can browse their accessories for hours, but I didn't want to waste much time. I performed the quickest scan ever but ended up eyeing a few gems. A set of silver, gold, and rose colored bangles caught my attention first. I thought that they would be a cute addition to any outfit, casual or dressy in order to spice it up just a bit - a perfect way to start an "Arm Party".  Next was a long strand of rose colored beads. I had to have them, it was almost like they were calling me. If I am in a really fancy mood, I could wear it along with the bangles... Humm, we'll have to see about that. Lastly, the multicolored twisted bead styled necklace. Love it!!

All are sure to be a great additions to both a casual or dressy outfit. I can't wait to throw on the rose toned necklace. With both necklaces a little over $6 and the bangles under $4, I'd say I managed to find that deal that I was searching for. Total damage at Forever21, a little over $30 bucks!! TOTAL SCORE!!

1). New: Color Block Sweater: Forever21
2.) New: Necklaces, Bracelet: Forever21
3.) Thrifted: Slacks & Skirt: Banana Republic/Ann Taylor
4.) Thrifted: Skirt & Blouse: Banana Republic

So I believe I did pretty well as my plan was to only spend a certain amount of money (as little as possible). I left the mall with only one bag, a great accomplishment on my part I must add. However, after I got into my car and drove out of the parking lot I felt that something was still missing. So, what would any faithful deal seeker do with cash in hand and a desire to continue to shop?

Well, I don't know about you, but I would head to my favorite thrift shop.... So guess what, I did exactly that. I drove up to the massive store not too far from my house and before getting out of the car, I took a deep breath, and focused on the fact that I am only in search of a good deal. Nothing more and nothing less..... So I was on my way....The result? Man oh man, DEALS DEALS DEALS!!! I ended up spending a total of $23.52!!! Total score!! I'm officially hooked on Thrifting!! Thank you to my thrifting blog crushes!!! 

So here's the break down, I left with a pair of white linen slacks, a yellow silk and cotton short sleeve blouse, a brown multicolored/printed linen (I'm in love with the print) skirt from Banana Republic, and a black and white printed skirt from Ann Taylor. The items were all in excellent condition and I can't wait to get these cleaned and ready for an outfit challenge.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your week is off to a great start!! By the way, I didn't realize that my posts from Thursday and Friday were in draft mode. Sorry about that, while I would love to blame it on blogger, it was totally a user error!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!

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