Work Style: Summer Looks to Love

I believe in one of my past lives of blogging, I mentioned that I have a special place in my heart for The Limited. I worked for the company for a very long time and loved everything about their brand. However after a leaving my discount behind, I began to enjoy the fruits of other brands like The Banana Republic, Loft, Anne Taylor, J. Crew, the Gap…there are many, many, more… must I go on? Seriously, all of these places hold a special place in my heart.

Some of the reasons that I love these brands are their ability to provide timeless classic style with a hit of trend and the sizes are pretty true – sometimes alternations are needed, but for the most part their clothes fit pretty well right off of the rack.

So with summer fast approaching, I thought I’d take a peek at what a few of my lovers have to offer on the work front. Working in a corporate setting, it can get a bit difficult keeping up with trends and keeping work attire appropriate, however these brands give an idea how to keep things cool and professional at the same time. Who are some of your favorite brands/looks for the office? 

source: The Limited

These are a few looks that I love and feeling like I may recreate with what I have in the closet... I think I feel a confession coming on soon...

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