A Simple Confession and Outfit Post (Yikes)…..

Okay-okay-okay I’ll admit it: I need a new look. I’m not sure “new look” is the appropriate catch phrase here maybe fashion overhaul is better. Who knows, but honestly I need a makeover and I need it FAST (a play on the cheesy J.G. Winsworth commercials)!! *snickers*

Exhibit A: Dreadful + Boring + Basic

I know, I know, there's so much wrong with those photos: bathroom camera shots, blurred vision, wrinkleage, let's not even talk about that animal print. Yikes, I don't believe I'm doing this..."smh" - I told yall that it was DREADFUL!!!
Here’s the scoop:

Truth be told I’m one of those people who have a lot stored in the closet, but can never find anything to wear. Yep that’s me. I mean I shop all of the time, yet it often feels like I’ve gotten nowhere when it comes to my wardrobe. I have become the woman who stands in her closet with a dazed and confused look on her face for hours trying to put something together. Often times (okay even more than that) I’ll wear something that I have worn who knows how many times and repeat it until it’s worn out….. I know how dreadful is that? Seriously?

Now the ironic thing about all of this is that I have always been “fashion forward”. I’ve been a go to for many friends and even current co-workers ask me for advice. I sometimes think to myself are these folks serious or is this some kind of hint to get myself together.

You see, in my younger days I wasn’t afraid to take risks nor was I afraid to rock the current trend or hairstyle. But, sometime, somewhere I lost the zest for my personal fashion and style. Don’t get me wrong, I have some hits when it comes to outfits, but a lot of times (especially on the weekends) my look is a total MISS and who wants to be a walking SnoozeBall? Not me.

So lately, I’ve found myself trying to pin point the breaking point. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with me getting older or what, but I’m certainly not the lively little fire cracker who would take a risk, or two, or three… *snickers* On another note, I think I have a plan so pinpointing what, why, and how may not be necessary at this point.

They say that the first step to a fashion recovery is admitting that you have a problem… So I confess: I haven’t been too “into” my personal style but I’m going to work on it with the help of this blog and random blog stalking (lol – that sounds a bit too creepy). Okay, okay, I won’t do any creepy blog stalking; I will just continue to get inspired by the wonderful women who share their personal style with the world, while I muster up the courage to put myself out there.

I hope that this process will assist me in being released from of this fashion rut and allow me to learn to become more fearless when it comes to my style and dress.

Thanks for reading & Have fabulous day!!!



Kay Cee said...

LOL...I know the feeling. For me, I went through a fashion slump when I was going through a rough patch in my life. But starting my blog and "blog stalking" has helped me revive my wardrobe.

SpkH said...

I've been inspired by so many blogs (including yours), that lead me too to start blogging.

It's my hope that I can back on my game through this outlet...So far so good. Now if I can only post another outfit :)

Thanks for visiting!!