The Hump Day Blues

You would think that this blue is a favorite color of mine, judging by how much of it is hanging in my closet. However it's not, I have a thing for orange that I can't seem to shake. Anyhoo, that is neither here nor there. So how are you doing on this wonderful day? Me, I'm fighting to stay cool in this heat. Still no relief in sight, not to mention a hefty electric bill that is on the way...come on fall temps!!

Enough with the complaining, on to the outfit. Due to the blazing temps yet again, I thought I'd mix a simple white tissue tee with this grey high-waisted pencil skirt. To dress it up a bit, I added this lovely scarf that I scored from Target on the cheap.  I finished it off with a leather skinny belt in the same color family, yet another score - from a thrift day.

(Tissue Tee & Scarf: Target; Belt: Thrifted; Grey Pencil Skirt: JC Penny; Wedges: Nine West - not shown - sorry guys) 

I love the way the scarf adds a little extra flavor to this outfit. Actually, In my head it creates the whole look.

Want to know a secret? I have a ton of scarfs hanging in my closet (yes along with all of the shades of blue that I mentioned). You see, when I am out shopping and I see a scarf that I like, I can't help but to grab it (and buy it of course).  Maybe I should suffice to say that I'm a collector, yes that's it. A scarf collector, yep that's me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!
Now, the question to pose at this point would be: "Tren, how many times have you actually incorporated a scarf into an outfit?"

The truth? Well, I'm embarrassed to say, but, perhaps once or twice. Yes, I'm one of those folks who picks up something she likes and store it in the closet for another day... All while throwing on the safest outfit ever.  Again, my whole reason for the blog. I think I say this a lot... No worries, once I get the hang of blogging my gibber jabber will cut down - promise :) 

Well hope you had a fantastic day!! Thanks for stopping by!

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SheDel said...

LOVE that scarf... it goes great with this outfit. Now following ;) Glad I found your blog.