A penny for your thoughts....

Seriously guys, what’s going on with this heat wave? I can understand a week of 110 plus temperatures, but several weeks nonstop, what gives? What’s a girl to do (fashion wise) when the temperature is this hot and there is no relief in sight? Well, she (meaning me) reaches for none other than a cool dress….

Exhibit A:

(Dress: Talbot's via Thrift; Brown Bauble Necklace: Forever21; Watch: Guess?)

I found this cute little number back in May while thrifting with my big brother when he was in town from Chicago. He's the best shopping buddy EVER!! He actually picked this little number out for me.

I love the way it fits - perfectly! And the price - well if you thrift often you can understand why I didn't hesitate to drop it in the basket as it was only $2.99 (plus 20% off).

I love the black, white, and brown pattern. It was the perfect option for today's soaring temperatures. Office friendly, cool, cotton, and lined - but there is one problem. I think perhaps I'm a little too matchy-matchy. I'm sure you can agree here as there's no "pop" effect. So here's where you come in, what would you do to make this dress pop? Would you add a belt, color, more accessories, you name it - I'm open, but go easy on me!! Seriously, I'd love to hear your thoughts, so have at it in the comments section!!!

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